Sagra del Borgo

The town of Mendrisio and the surrounding area has more vineyards than anywhere else in the entire canton of Ticino and is renowned for its excellent food and wine. Today, Mendrisio is known as the ‘magnifico borgo’ (magnificent town), testifying to its history and the wealth of monuments in its historic centre that remind us of its illustrious past: evocative narrow streets, typical houses with inner courtyards and tiled terracotta roofs, medieval and baroque churches.

A ‘Sagra’ is a local festival held to celebrate a patron saint or the harvest, while also promoting good local food and wine. The festival in Mendrisio celebrates local produce and will take place from 27-29 September 2019. It aims to provide people with an opportunity to explore the historic centre of this ‘magnifico borgo’ and to discover its traditions, customs and local products. The three-day event is organised by a number of local partners: the Vineria dei Mir, Mendrisio football club and Mendrisio’s local band.



6850 Mendrisio
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6850 Mendrisio


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