Villa Mirabello, Palazzo Estense and Giardini Estensi (Gardens)

Varese is known as the ‘garden city’ and The park of Palazzo Estense, with its hornbeams, spectacular central fountain and majestic perspectives, shows us why.

The garden extends over a hill to seamlessly join with the garden of Villa Mirabello. Now housing the museum, this residence was built in the mid-1700s by the family in a felicitous panoramic position between views of the lake and the Alps .

Palazzo Estense was the historical residence of Francesco III d’Este, granted him by the Lordship of Maria Teresa of Austria, who had her court built for her here. The architect, Giuseppe Bianchi, oversaw the building between 1766 and 1771 and now it is considered a masterpiece of Lombard architecture. The most interesting façade opens to the rear onto splendid Italian-style gardens marked by wide pathways and a large central pool.

Villa Mirabello’s English garden represents an element of continuity with the Estense Palace garden. The villa now houses Municipal Museums that include an important archaeological section with prehistoric exhibits.


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