Valsassina Cheese

It is natural, when you are on holiday, discover the places through the tastes and flavours of local products. In Valsassina region agriculture is characterized by its quality crops and productions of first order.

The first place it naturally goes to dairy products increasingly appreciated by consumers for their goodness, due to the mountain environment and because producers have always choosed quality over quantity. Fat cheese is a typical product of the mountain dairies. It's produced from full-fat cow's milk and as it is not skimmed, it maintains all its organoleptic properties. Even nowadays cooking is done in copper cauldrons aver wood fires and the cheese is left to season in natural caves or cellars for at least three months.

Valsassina excels in the production of dairy goods tanks to its pastures and caves. The most well-known product is "Taleggio", fat cheese, from which curd is also obtained quartirolo and robiola. But we should not forget "aprini" both delicate and spicy, formaggelle, ricotta and butter. In the area there are a lot of small local producers and farms where is possible to watch the milk production processing and buy cheese. There are also specialized shops for the sale to the public.


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