Prunent, il DOC Ossolano prodotto dalle Cantine Garrone

Cantina Garrone is an historical winery which produces and sells wine. They collect the best grapes from sixty growers, small and very small, members of the Association of Ossola Agricultural Producers.

The vineyards are situated on small plots terraced, mostly grown in the traditional "Toppia" supported by ancient columns of stone. The inaccessibility and small size of the vineyard make it necessary for fully manual job, no chemical fertilizers and pesticide treatments minimized.

The greatest pride is the "Prunent", traditional Nebbiolo wine of Ossola, which is fermented for the most part in purity. It comes from old vines in prevalence, in which also harbored ancient plants "foot free". Production of excellence sealed in 2009 by the Designation of Controled Origin .


Via Caduti del Lavoro 1
28845 Domodossola
Tel.: 0039 0324 242990