Orta San Giulio: the pearl of Lake Orta

The pearl of the lake is Orta San Giulio, little suburb that fascinates writers and artists since ages ago. It's a precious place of medieval architecture and atmosphere that you can feel walking through its narrow alleyways. In Piazza Motta, with its open-air tables and its Palace of the XVI century, the first town hall, there's the pier, point of departures to reach the Isle of San Giulio.

The lakeside announcing Orta is rich in neo-classical mansions dating back to the XIX century, with flowering gardens full of azaleas and camellias, elegant buildings of the XVII-XVIII century with arcades opening on the gardens and sloping down to the lake. Piazza Motta is a kind of room enclosed on three sides by arcades and surrounded by little shops and café terraces. Don't forget the Oratory of S. Rocco (1631), the many villas dating back to the XVII-XVIII centuries (Gippini House, Tosi House, Durio and Motta Mansion Houses) and Penotti Ubertini Palace, a late Renaissance building.


Via Panoramica
28016 Orta San Giulio (NO)
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