Natural park of the Ticino’s Valley

The Villa dates back sixteenth-century, is an ancient manor house of an extensive agricultural and nucleus of the farm and stands for characters stately architecture and decorations. It was bought by the Ente di gestione del Parco del Ticino (now Ticino and Lake Maggiore Park) in 2001. It houses the offices and hosts events and guided tours.

The building has a U-shaped plan, with towers at the corners of the main body and two wings that extend to the west. The profile is dominated in the center by a lantern that holds the dome below the Octagon Room, it is decorated with great iconographic richness and color. On the west side other decorations adorn the entrance.

The villa is surrounded by attractive gardens; on the east has regular geometric patterns; the south side is surrounded by a grapevine pergola and hosts a spectacular fountain with fruit trees and an elegant entrance; on the western side houses two huge magnolias and a large wrought iron gate, the entrance of the courtyard. The north side was to other property, form a pitch square with a fountain in the centre.


Ente di Gestione del Parco Naturale Valle del Ticino
Villa Picchetta
28062 CAMERI
Tel.: 0039 0321517706 / 7