Menaggio is situated in the heart of Lake Como, on its western shore, at the beginning of a valley that connects Menaggio with lake Lugano. Its central position makes it a lively town. Already in the first half of the 18th century it was discovered by the first tourists, enchanted by the beauty of the landscape and the mild climate, and the grand hotels like Grand Hotel Victoria and the luxury villas like Villa Mylius Vigoni and Villa Garovaglio Ricci were built.

The town consists in a centre and three hamlets Loveno, Nobiallo and Croce and has a total of about 3200 inhabitants. Menaggio is of ancient origins and in its centre and in its hamlets there are many interesting monuments which recall Menaggio's importance throughout the ages. The heart of the "old" town is gathered around Piazza Garibaldi close to Menaggio's harbour. In Via Calvi among fashionable shops you can see, on the facade of the church of S. Marta, the memorial plaque of Minicio Exorato, a notable of the Roman empire. Narrow cobble stoned alleys lead up to the area called castello.
The castle, of which remain impressive perimetric walls was destroyed in 1523. The historic and artistic itinerary through Menaggio will help discover the town. Children will enjoy the amusing puzzle tour through Menaggio.

Thanks to its central position, its main car and passenger ferry links and bus connections, Menaggio is an ideal starting point for all kinds of excursions: by boat you can visit the beautiful villas with their lovely gardens, by bus or car you can discover the valleys with their rural settlements and small Romanesque churches and by foot or mountain bike you explore the trails of the Val Sanagra Park, an extended protected area near Menaggio.
The sportsmen can try their climbing skill on the Via Ferrata to the top of Monte Grona or on the climbing face between Menaggio and the hamlet Nobiallo. Also take a look at the special itineraries for families.


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