Itineraries and Mountain Paths

Summer is quite simply the golden season for alpine excursions. The heat invites people to escape from the towns and reach for the mountains: it's possible to reach even the highest peaks, the snow has receded to leave in its place the green of the alpine flora. Here are two suggestions, one for experts and trained alpine trekkers only (the "Via Alta" in Valle Verzasca), the second for everybody (Monte Generoso).

Via Alta Verzasca
It unravels right in the heart of Ticino: the Via Alta of Valle Verzasca is a beautiful few days trek on the crest which divides the Verzasca valley from Leventina and the Riviera. In a wild and genuinely unspoilt landscape, this path - unique in its kind in Switzerland - links five mountain huts, the views magnificent over mountainous Ticino. The route is signed in white and blue and is suitable only for expert trekkers who like adventure. An experience exclusively for people not suffering from vertigo (there are many exposed transits), trained AND well equipped! Careful planning necessary!

Monte Generoso
Monte Generoso is located in the extreme south of Ticino and is known as "the mountain for everybody". Indeed, it is quite easily reached thanks to the small rack railway which starts from the shores of Lake Ceresio in Capolago. In some forty minutes you can reach the peak, at 1700 m, where you can choose to have some rest in the convivial restaurant surroundings, enjoying the beautiful panorama which stretches out before you from the Pianura Padana to the Alps, or, a slightly more active option. Monte Generoso lends itself well to various sporting choices: trekking, cycling and mountain biking, and of course, paragliding. There's also an opportunity to learn something: nature discovery trails have been created to admire the flora of the region, there's a "planets' trail", some ethnographic itineraries which focus on activities and buildings of the past, among them the "nevere" (the "fridges" of our grandparents) and the "carbonaie" (charcoal pits). Kids will especially like a visit to the "grotta dell'orso" (bear's cave), where some bones of bears who used to live on the Generoso some 20'000 years ago have been found.


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