Isola Bella: the Borromeo Palace and Gardens

Palace and gardens were conceived as a single entity, so the island took the form of an imaginary ship with the villa and the garden astern. The Borromeo family home offers visitors an elegant and sumptuous setting, and it contains priceless works of art such as tapestries, furniture, statues, paintings, and stuccoes. It also has an unusual mosaic grotto, a cool and delightful place. Of particular historical interest are the Music Room, where in 1935 took place the Conference of Stresa and Napoleon Hall, who stayed here in 1797 with his wife Josephine.

Once you have visited the palace, there is access to the garden for a pleasant walk. The gardens form an extraordinary, flowered monument laid out over a series of ornate and overlapping terraces, a classic and inimitable example of seventeenth century "Italian garden". The garden contains many rare and exotic plants, and the spectacular blossoming is planned to ensure that it is filled with colours and scents from March until October.


Isole Borromeo
28838 Stresa (VB)
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