Informations about Lago Maggiore

Discover Lake Maggiore and its surrounding sunny landscapes on board one of the Navigazione Lago Maggiore boats! Enjoy the beauty of the scenery, the lake which reflects the intense colours of the south, the mountains and the lakeside towns, the southern villages along the mountain sides, during a relaxed boat cruise.

Visiting the renowned Villa Taranto is an unforgettable experience of beauty: avenues of azaleas, maple trees, rhododendrons and camellias; gardens with over 300 types of dahlias and a whole range of colours during the autumn blooming time.

The Isola Bella lies opposite the lido in Stresa and is the best-known of the three islands which make up the Isole Borromee. Count Carlo III Borromeo had a palace and a magnificent garden built for his wife, Isabella (from which the island’s name derives).

The Isola Madre is the largest island of the Isole Borromeo; the most characteristic for its palace and its garden boasting rare plants and exotic flowers. Peacocks, parrots and all kinds of pheasant live in freedom in the garden.

The Isola dei Pescatori lies slightly north of the Isola Bella and is occupied almost entirely by an old rural village with narrow lanes, which end in a nice walk at the northern tip of the island.

Technical data:
Altitude 193 m s.l.m.
Surface 212 kmq
Perimeter 170 km
Length 54 km
Width max. 10 km
With aver. 3.9 km
Volume of water 37.5 millierds of mc
Maximum depth 370 m
Glacial origin.
Catchment basin: 6599 mq



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