From Arona discover the Vergante area

Arona is one of the resorts of Vergante, beautiful area of hills between Lake Maggiore and Lake d'Orta, land of flowers and full of routes to discover by horse, by feet or by bike.

A few minutes away from the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, there's a wonderful territory to be discovered, made up of small villages with steep and narrow streets, coloured in green, rich in stone and water, in Romanesque church towers sprouting atop the placid hills, in woods and meadows with grazing cows, with amazing spring flowerings, with miles of trails and breathtaking landscapes overlooking the lake and the Alps.

An enchanting land throughout the year, a region rich in traditions, events, art, culture and engaging initiatives.


Via per Oleggio Castello
28041 - Arona (NO)
Tel.: +39 0322 243601