Complesso Monumentale di Galliano

The Galliano architectural complex is made up of the Basilica of San Vincenzo (Saint Vincent) and the baptistery of San Giovanni (Saint John) and is one of the most important examples of Lombard Romanesque.
According to legend, the basilica was built on the ruins of an ancient pagan temple around the 6th century A.D. However, the first certain record dates back to its consecration in the 11th century, when Ariberto da Intimiano was its custodian and was responsible for embellishing and enlarging it. Later abandoned and deconsecrated, the Basilica of San Vincenzo has returned to its past glory thanks to careful restoration.
It contains a fine cycle of 11th century frescos. The baptistery, which was also probably built during the 11th century has a baptismal font for immersions in the centre, made out of a large Roman millstone.

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