Chiesa di S. Giovanni

The village contains this interesting church that dates back to the 14th century. It has a fine Romanesque bell tower and a decorated Renaissance portal. An ancient chest behind the altar preserves a precious reliquary, a nail of the Holy Cross.

The church of San Giovanni is very old as you can tell by the high Romanesque bell tower with mullioned windows and blind arches. In the 14th century it was much enlarged and renovated in the regional Gothic style with transverse arches. The beautiful late 15th-century marble door has statues and reliefs attributed to the Rodaris who had already worked on the cathedral in Como. The apse is decorated with magnificent baroque stuccoes and paintings and is preceded by a triumphal arch with fine frescoes and a gate. Outside the church you can see a nice little garden and a cemetery from where you can have an amazing view over the lake.


22020 Torno
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