Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo

Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo is situadet in Ghemme, in an area where the fine wine is produced.

The cellar, owned by the family Arlunno, now covers a total area of ??over 100 hectares, of which 34 are vineyards divided into different zones: Breclema, Carella, Levels, Valera, Baraggiola, Rossini, Roccolo della Valle del Tordo and Ronco di San Pietro, located between 250 and 310 meters above sea level with exposure to the South, South-West.

The alluvial moraine hills covered by vineyards today, were formed in ancient times with the withdrawal of the great glacier of Monte Rosa. The soil is rich in pebbles easily friable so to give to wines a large amount of minerals as well as some other elements which contribute to characterize our wines.


Via Buonarroti, 5
28074 Ghemme
Tel.: 0039 0163 840041