The artisans will surprise you with their diverse creations.
Incredible handcrafted tools and objects area awaiting you.
The wooden "Pinocchios" of Strona Valley
The company Mastro Geppetto comes from a generation of craftsmen turners.
In the Onsernone Valley a laboratory-shop awaits you, where you can find many creations.
Premana's scissors
Premana has been famous for cutting tools manufacting since the last 50 years, but the iron craftsmanship has very old traditions.
Soheila Dilfanian - glass artist
Stained glass mosaic, conservative refurbishment works, but also Tiffany lamps, sculptures, objects for the home and jewelry.
The Sculpture School of Peccia
From spring to autumn, the village of Peccia hosts a variety of courses closely related to sculpture.
Ossola's porcelains: Kamares
The only ones still following the old traditions of the Premia's porcelain factory, founded in 1808
G&C Luxury and Quality
Produces shirts with fabrics of the best collections of shirt fabrics and packaged by highly skilled workforce.
Ibis Ceramics
The Manufacturing artistic ceramics is founded in Cunardo, in the province of Varese, by Paolo Robustelli, in 1951.