Region Insubrica is known internationally for its extraordinary art and heritage. Unesco has recognized nine sites as world heritage “treasuries”, including the five Sacri Monti which are an extraordinary mix between landscapes and architecture.

The recognized UNESCO world heritage sites are the three castles and fortress walls of Bellinzona, key location for the traffic in the alpine area, and Monte San Giorgio with the Orsa and Pravello mounts.

Monte San Giorgio is very well known from the last century for the quality of its marine life fossil finds: 250 millions years ago there was the sea.
The castles of Bellinzona
Medieval Castles, today at their best majesty
Sacred Mount of Calvario
One of the most beautiful attractions of Domodossola
Sacred Mount of Orta
The itinerary in the park of Sacro Monte will change your heart
Sacred Mount of Ghiffa
A panoramic balcony of 200 hectares of forest above Lake Maggiore
Sacred Mount of Varese
A unique and extraordnary monument
Sacred Mount of Ossuccio
A monumental complex of great historic and artistc significance
Monte San Giorgio
A Mountain extremely rich in geological and fossil finds
Torba Monastery
Declared by UNESCO, which part of the serial site “Longobards in Italy: the power sites”.
Deconsecrated church of S. Maria Foris Portas
Considered a jewel of art, history and culture.
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